Protecting Your Real Property Investment

Owning a home is often the biggest investment a person makes and the experience of ownership is part of our feeling of citizenship. Purchasing property as an investment is also a way for people to build wealth gradually and securely and has been used by many wise investors to become rich. The debts we incur to purchase real property are among the most important contracts we will ever sign, and by signing the wrong type of contract we risk all that we have worked for.

Reviewing Deeds of Trust

Wise investors use trusted lenders, negotiate for the best loan terms and consult their real estate attorney before signing any mortgage agreements. Most of us trust our mortgage brokers to get us a good deal, never realizing that we would benefit from an attorney, especially a foreclosure attorney, reviewing the mortgage before we sign it. At Advocate Legal, we are attorneys with a fiduciary duty to represent you against all other interests and we provide an affordable opportunity to have an experienced foreclosure attorney review your mortgage or deed of trust and promissory note before you sign it. After all, if you want to know what a bad mortgage looks like, who better to ask then a foreclosure attorney who sees them every day!

Reviewing Modification contracts

If you have been offered a loan modification contract, you might be too relieved to question the terms, but here again is where the value of the experienced attorneys at Advocate Legal can provide an essential service. The current mortgage business is designed to move your money from you to the mortgage bankers as quickly and efficiently as possible with no concern for the hardship it might create for you. A loan modification may be an affordable option to help lower your payments and retain ownership of your home, but it is more likely to be part of a scheme, such as an interest-only loan with a balloon payment, designed to turn you into a renter and the bank into your landlord. It might also be a combination of both, with traps set up that you can avoid stepping into if you know what they are. Because of this, you should approach every modification with extreme wariness and you should have the attorneys at Advocate Legal scrutinize the contract before you sign it to be sure you can sidestep any traps being set for you.

Real Property Financing

The landscape for mortgage financing has changed since the real estate market crash we are still recovering from, but most loans originated by lenders are still being backed by groups of investors in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). At Advocate Legal, we work with you before you borrow to make sure you demand and get the best loan possible, whether it is financed by a big bank or a small credit union. Whether you need to finance an original purchase or refinance existing debt, the attorneys at Advocate Legal have a network of ethical mortgage brokers, lenders and investors, dedicating to serving you in an ethical way to help you avoid getting tricked into a bad loan.

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