Caring & Professional

She cared about us and the end result being what we wanted. She just didn’t say well that’s good enough. No. She said are you happy with that if not she’ll keep fighting.

-Lonnie C.

Exceeded Expectations

Susan Murphy exceeded our expectations for our settlement.

-Becky C.

Gave Us Hope

The different companies that we worked with, they just passed our file from one desk to the next desk. The walls were just closing in all around us and we had almost given up hope. Susan Murphy and her staff, they were very sensitive to our fears. We’re so grateful that we found her.

-Cynthia W.

Promises Delivered

She was the one to handle our case and look at us now. We’re still in our house!

-Wayne N.

Honest & Straightforward

Susan is really straight and she will tell you the way it is.

-Anthony A.

Very Satisfied

It came down to a note on the window saying “you’re out.” Susan was this bright light that came out of nowhere. I knew she was going to take care of me. And she did. I don’t know what would have happened to me if she didn’t get me that loan mod and I’m so grateful to her for the work that she did for me and my family.

-Lisa N.