California Homeowners Bill of Rights | Predatory Lenders

Know Your Rights Against Predatory Lenders with the California Homeowners Bill of Rights

What is a Defiency Judgement

Learn more about deficiency judgments and how they can affect your case.

Six Tricks Banks use To Drive Owners Into Foreclosure

Know the tricks that foreclosure servicers use to foreclose and refuse loan payments.

What does MERS have to do with the mortgage crisis?

Learn more about MERS and how it played a hand in the 2008 mortgage crisis.

Stop Your Foreclosure!

If you are being foreclosed on by a bank or have had the bank refuse payments or drag their feet with a loan modification that puts your home in jeopardy, I can help you fight.

How to Hire a Foreclosure Attorney

I proudly serve all of California through foreclosure matters. Learn how my expertise could help you today.

What is MERS?

Learn about MERS then reach out for a free, no-obligation assessment of your current situation.


Fight Foreclosure with "Produce the Note"