Susan Murphy

Lead Attorney

Susan is a tough ex-New Yorker with a heart of gold that cares passionately about helping people that are being taken advantage of by banks. She has won cases against Bank of America and Wells Fargo standing alone at the Plaintiff's table with four or more attorneys standing for the defense. She has kept people in their houses, gotten them settlements of money or loan modification and gotten sales reversed. If there is a way to keep you in your home, Susan will find it.


Phillip Hamilton

Advocate Legal Co-Founder

Phillip Hamilton was the spiritual center of Advocate Legal, guiding the business so that we could always provide value to our litigation clients, and he provides that same service for Advocate Legal Litigation Support. While working with Advocate Legal, Phil also manages an investment group that buys and rehabs distressed properties and he is an expert in everything having to do with rehabbing a home. Phil is often the first person to speak to clients and they are always comforted by his knowledge, his honesty, and his warm spirit. Phil can sell anything, but his marketing genius is always guided by his principles.

Guadalupe Marin


Guadalupe Marin is the mother of two sons and an accomplished paralegal currently studying pre-law who has worked for Advocate Legal since 2016. If Phil is the spiritual center of Advocate Legal Litigation Support, Lupe is the heart as well as the inspiration for the idea of litigation support which she and Susan came up with after another attorney tried to steal Lupe away and get her to bring Advocate Legal’s entire body of cases and other work product so he could copy our success. Instead of complying with the attorney’s request, Lupe and Susan came up with the idea for litigation support where they could provide Advocate Legal’s entire work product to clients for a reduced fee.