Facing foreclosure is an overwhelming prospect. Put an experienced advocate and ally on your side.

At Advocate Legal Litigation Support we offer the benefit of high-priced litigation attorneys specializing in Wrongful Foreclosure and Quiet Title without the cost.  When you need to sue your bank, mortgage servicer or trustee, when you need to Quiet Title or partition and force the sale of a property, when you need help retrieving your surplus funds from a trustee after a foreclosure, or when you need to retain possession and avoid eviction after foreclosure, we can help you be your own attorney for a price you can afford. 

My goal is to help as many people as possible and for them to spend as little as possible.

Susan Murphy

Use Litigation Support to stand up to banks and servicers and keep your home.

The mission of Advocate Legal, and founder Susan Murphy, has always been to educate homeowners about foreclosure whether they were clients or not through free consultations and informational videos. The challenge for these homeowners has always been that the cost of an attorney, even one as good as Susan, was too much for some clients to pay, especially while they were also paying their mortgage. Although Susan gave as much help as possible to these homeowners through free consultations and videos, with an office to run and a staff to pay, many people with winnable cases who couldn’t afford the fees had to be turned away.

The solution to this dilemma is Advocate Legal Litigation Support where, by becoming a monthly subscriber, you gain access to a team of attorneys that specialize in foreclosure, all supervised by Susan, to help you for a reduced rate.  With Litigation Support, Susan has opened her computer database to subscribers to give you access to all her templates for pleadings, briefs, motions, and appeals as well as PDFs of the accompanying statutes and case law and the “workflows” she and her team have always used to keep on top of law and motion deadlines.  By having access to the state and federal statutes, you will know if your lender has violated them and what causes of action to allege to sue them.  With these sample documents, you will learn how to file a Quiet Title, get a Lis Pendens, and file a claim when a foreclosure is wrongful.  You’ll learn how to reverse a wrongful sale and fight eviction after foreclosure. To ensure you succeed, Susan will make herself available to subscribers on an as-needed basis at a rate far below her usual hourly fee. See How Litigation Support Works.


Creator of Litigation Support, located in West Hollywood, California.

Susan began practicing strictly in the field of foreclosure litigation in 2010 because she was passionate about the harm that banks were doing to homeowners through the securitization of subprime mortgages acquired between 2004 and 2008 in the run-up to the mortgage crisis. She worked for two other firms that specialized in Quiet Title, Foreclosure and Eviction before forming Advocate Legal in 2013 with the help of Marketing Director Phillip Hamilton.

From the beginning, the goal of Advocate Legal was to provide free consultations and informational videos to everyone facing foreclosure but to only take actual litigation cases where we believed we could be successful. Our founding principle was and is“help people and the rewards will follow.”


There’s a reason you’re at war with your mortgage servicer — it’s called securitization.

Securitization allowed Wall Street Firms to originate your mortgage by selling stock to investors. Since the Wall Street model of “originate and sell” did not include servicing your mortgage, the business of mortgage servicers was born and banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America became servicers. To take more power for themselves, these servicers created a shell company named MERS and a new kind of mortgage– the MERS mortgage - that named the shell company MERS as a beneficiary.

Securitization was the cause of the financial collapse of 2008 and the MERS mortgage is the cause of the ongoing war between borrowers and servicers. Because the MERS mortgage names MERS as a fake beneficiary, it splits risk and reward. The investor, your actual beneficiary, gets no reward from foreclosure, only the risk. The mortgage servicer, represented by MERS the fake beneficiary, has no risk by foreclosure but only reward. This is why it feels like your servicer wants you to fail; because they do.

Become your own attorney, but do it with our help.


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You can do it. Let us help.

A lawless battleground was created when the mortgage servicing business sprang up to service mortgage debt on behalf of real estate investment trusts. These servicing companies promote the fiction that you are their client, that they want to help you avoid foreclosure, but the opposite is true. You are an obstacle between them and their foreclosure fees. You are not their client.  

Once your mortgage servicer pushes you into foreclosure, there’s a gauntlet of other bad guys eager to profit from your distress.  Clients have come to Advocate Legal after spending thousands of dollars on attorneys and paralegals with only a horror story to show for it. Sometimes a weak complaint was filed to “scare the bank” with no plan to follow through. Sometimes no complaint was filed at all. Many times our clients have complained they weren’t sure if their attorney was working for them or the bank.

No good foreclosure attorney will advise you to stop paying the bank and start paying them, but this is also a story we constantly hear. Neither will a good foreclosure attorney take a case “on contingency” since foreclosure rarely results in large financial payoffs that the attorney can take a piece of.  In the best case, a foreclosure attorney that takes a case on contingency is naïve or new. They may also plan to do very little work. In the worst case, they may plan to profit from your foreclosure.

Advocate Legal Litigation Support is proud to serve clients throughout the state of California with expert legal counsel in Wrongful Foreclosure, Quiet Title, and retrieving Surplus Funds after foreclosure as well as retaining possession and avoiding Eviction after Foreclosure. If your foreclosure issues involve probate or bankruptcy or you need the best appellate attorneys, we can also refer you to experts in these areas. If you are facing foreclosure in another state, we can explain the law in those states and find you a local attorney to help you as well. Subscribe now and book your first session with Susan

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