Fighting for Homeowners After Foreclosure in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties

A foreclosure claims many different victims — homeowners who struggle to pay their mortgages because of unexpected medical bills, job loss or other financial trouble, owners of houses that have plummeted in value below the balance of the loan, and tenants with lease agreements that may extend well past the date of the foreclosure. At Advocate Legal, our attorneys are committed to representing the victims of improper lending and loan servicing both before and after the foreclosure has occurred. With clear and candid representation and a passion for justice, we guide clients through complex claims to help them understand and protect their rights.

Eviction After Foreclosure

After a foreclosure, a lender cannot simply take home or property from the resident, whether the resident is the homeowner or a tenant. To remove the resident and take possession of the home, a lender must evict the resident, often accomplished by suing for unlawful detainer. Fortunately, these lawsuits give residents the time and opportunity to combat the eviction and remain in the home longer.

A post-foreclosure eviction begins when the new owner of the home, usually the lender or a third party, sends a Notice to Quit to the resident. The amount of time the resident has to remain in the home depends on several factors, including whether the resident is the former homeowner or a tenant and whether the tenant has a bona fide, arms-length lease. However, even a tenant who pays rent on time generally cannot stay for the full term of the lease if the new owner wants to evict. Once the period in the notice has elapsed, the new owner may file an unlawful detainer lawsuit to evict the tenant or homeowner. If the new owner wins, the resident must be out within a specified time or a sheriff may physically remove the tenant from the residence.

Eviction Defense

Predatory lending practices, bank neglect, and fraud have all contributed to a sharp increase in foreclosures and subsequent evictions of homeowners and tenants. When foreclosure has already taken place, a wrongful foreclosure attorney can take an aggressive stance against the banks to keep the homeowner or tenant in the home and defend against the eviction. Defenses to eviction after foreclosure may include a lender’s statutory violations during eviction, title issues, and lender fraud. At Advocate Legal, we evaluate your case and help you determine the best course of action. When a lender starts an unlawful detainer lawsuit, we use our years of legal experience and exceptional writing skills to help clients develop a clear and compelling answer to the summons and complaint of the lender.

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