Terms of Service 

  • You approve a monthly charge to your credit card of $39.00 per month.
  • You receive an email with a link to the Advocate Legal client portal.  You’ll see an orange tab that says: “ACTIVATE NOW.” Click on that.
  • You set up a username and password and enter the Advocate Legal Portal
  • The next screen you see will be your Advocate Legal Portal/ dashboard page. 

image1 (7).png

  • Click on the dropdown menu on the right that says “All Cases” where you will have instant access to the Advocate Legal Database which is loaded with general information for everyone. 
  • Upon joining you also receive a client number and a client portal which will also appear under the “All Cases” dropdown where you will upload all documents related to your case.  
  • Once you have a client portal you can also request items from the Document Menu by using the Menu of Services fillable form to request all the sample pleadings, workflows, case law and statutes that are pertinent to your type of case.  
  • You can cancel Advocate Legal Litigation Support at any time with thirty days’ notice.

Advocate Legal Database

  • The Advocate Legal Database includes material that is general to everyone such as how to write a complaint, how to communicate with a trustee, as well as general caselaw, statutes, and published articles on foreclosure. 
  • All material from the general database can be freely downloaded in .pdf format.

Individual Client Portal 

  • Once you join Advocate Legal Litigation Support and log into the Advocate Legal client portal you will be assigned an Individual Case name and number – your Client Portal –

which will identify you by your name and property address. 

  • Your client portal is empty at the time that you join, but will gradually come to contain all the documents you request related to your case as well as any documents you want to upload to be viewed by an attorney as part of a consultation.

Purchasing attorney time 

  • You can send a message through the portal that you want attorney time and an assistant will respond to you by email with a form for prepayment and a letter of engagement for you to sign and return.  The prepayment will be estimated according to the estimations on the Attorney Hours page. 
  • As you are setting up your appointment for attorney time the assistant will also advise you on any documents you should have uploaded in preparation for the attorney to review. 
  • Attorney time is prepaid at $150 per hour for members and can be used for any purpose related to foreclosure and possession after foreclosure including retrieving surplus funds. The Advocate Legal Menu also includes estimates of how long each type of issue (such as document review or reviewing a motion) is expected to take. 
  • If your attorney time is being used for document review, expect that an attorney will already have reviewed the document before your call and will use the time to go over it with you.  
  • Attorney time can be used by telephone or Zoom.  

How to Use Your Attorney Time


  • This is when your servicer is doing things that seem wrong, and you want to file a complaint, but you’re not sure what statutes or laws they are violating, whether they are state or federal statutes, what causes of action you should allege or what court you should file in.   
  • For this type of session, you should have a timeline prepared as well as have all correspondence with your mortgage servicer uploaded to your client portal in .pdf format so they can be viewed by your attorney instead of listening to you describe them. 
  • A strategy session can also be used when you need to delay a foreclosure sale or eviction for a few weeks or months.


  • If you have an existing case, whether you are in pro per or you have hired another attorney, you can have a foreclosure expert evaluate the case for your peace of mind.  Often times, we find that the attorney is doing a good job, that is the causes of action are strong and the complaint is well pled, but the attorney is simply not communicating well to the client.  Sometimes we find that the complaint is boilerplate, with twelve causes of action thrown at the court like spaghetti against a wall and the facts poorly pled. Either way, you can use us to help you figure this out and figure out how to fix it.  
  • For sessions where you have an existing case, you should upload in advance the existing complaint or amended complaint with the case number and any pleadings you have questions or concerns about as well as a timeline with additional facts if they are not in the pleadings. You should expect that the attorney meeting with you will have read your latest amended pleading, as well as any rulings by the court, to advise you on how to proceed. 
  • For an existing case you can also request a review of a pleading before it is filed to check it for mistakes or omissions. 


  • For these types of sessions, you should upload the document you want reviewed and prepare your questions in advance.  
  • This type of attorney consultation is best used when you are about to sign a mortgage or a loan modification.  
  • You can also ask our attorneys to review any correspondence from your trustee or mortgage servicer and decipher them for you.