What You Get with Advocate Legal Consultation Services

Guarantee – you may cancel at any time with a thirty-day notice.

Terms of Signing Up 

  • You allow a monthly charge to your credit card of $39.00 per month.
    • You can cancel this at any time with thirty days’ notice.
  • You receive an email with a link to the A/L client portal.
  • Upon entering the A/L portal you will have instant access to the general AL database. 
    • The general A/L database includes material that is general to everyone such as how to write a complaint or how to write a Qualified Written Request to your Mortgage Servicer. 
  • Once you log into the A/L portal you will be assigned an Individual Case name and number on the Advocate Legal Portal
    • This database (CASE Database) will be empty at the time that you join, but will gradually come to contain all documents related to your case - seen only by you and Susan.  You will also have the ability to upload any documents that you want Susan to review (see uploading documents).
  • You are responsible for setting up your initial appointment with Susan.
    • You can set up your time with Susan through the Advocate Legal portal.

How to Use Your Attorney Time

If you have not yet filed a lawsuit describe your case to Susan so that she can strategize with you decide what workflows and sample documents you will need to be uploaded to your individual database – this should take 15-20 minutes of your attorney time. If you have an existing case you should upload all your existing documents to the Advocate Legal portal so that Susan can review them before your attorney time starts.  After you speak to Susan about your case, she will request the proper workflows and pleadings for where you are at. (Estimated 30-45 minutes of attorney time). If you are simply calling to ask questions, you can do so for up to an hour and you still retain the right to cancel at any-time.  

About the Advocate Legal Portal

  • The first thing you get is an email with a link to the A/L client portal.  You will see an orange tab that says “ACTIVATE NOW.” Click on it.
  • The next screen will ask you to set up a password/ verify the password/ enter. 
  • The next screen you see will be your Advocate Legal Portal/ dashboard page.
  • On the right hand of your dashboard page is a dropdown menu that says “All Cases” with a drop-down menu.  Upon joining you will immediately have access to the Advocate Legal Database which is general information for everyone. 
  • Within 24 hours of joining, a second CASE will appear in this dropdown menu which will be your individual case. Inside your CASE will be multiple instructional documents which you should read first – including one called UPLOADING DOCUMENTS.  Your CASE will contain empty folders where you can upload your documents for Susan to review and as you and Susan figure out the kind of case you will be filing it will be populated with all the workflows and sample documents you will need for your particular type of lawsuit.