Debt Settlement


Helping Consumers Find Solutions to Debt Problems

When homeowners or borrowers are behind on mortgage payments and cannot meet their debt obligations, debt settlement can be a simple and effective solution. With debt settlement, many debtors can avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy, stop late payments and get back on track. Unfortunately, the sheer number of unqualified debt settlement agencies offering services has left debt settlement with a bad reputation, but there is no reason to dismiss this option without first exploring how it can help you.

At Advocate Legal, we are seasoned attorneys using our knowledge and experience to evaluate each client’s case and to provide highly individualized service to help clients find debt relief. Unlike many debt settlement agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of the legal ramifications of each action and how debt settlement may affect you. We thoroughly explore your options to determine whether debt settlement can provide relief or whether your needs would be better served through bankruptcy, refinancing, sale, consumer complaint or litigation.

  • Consumer complaints — We help borrowers file consumer complaints when a lender is guilty of discriminatory lending practices based on factors such as race, gender or age.
  • Refinancing — In many cases, a loan refinance enables homeowners to reduce their monthly payments and avoid default on an otherwise unmanageable loan, such as an adjustable-rate mortgage with an increasing interest rate.
  • Sale and short sale — Foreclosure and bad credit can be avoided with a sale or short sale of the property before a mortgage goes into default or a bank begins the foreclosure process.
  • Lien release — We help borrowers negotiate away second liens for properties that have depreciated in value since the second lien was originated.

Debt Settlement Services

Our services begin with an evaluation to determine the course of action that would best suit your needs and goals. Our initial analysis helps us determine whether you actually owe a debt or if there was a lender error. Depending on the circumstances, our lawyers offer a variety of debt settlement services:

  • Loan disputes — If a lender unilaterally changes the term of your loan or claims you are responsible for the debt in error, we challenge the lender by requesting a Validation of Debt. Many times these disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation.
  • Loan modification — If you have been refused a loan modification, our attorneys will assist you by filing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint, thereby allowing you to resubmit your application, which our attorneys will review for underwriting errors. In many cases, we may be able to obtain a loan modification with a lender, using this process that provides leverage for the borrower.
  • Credit disputes and repair — No one should have to face foreclosure or other adverse circumstances because of inaccurate reporting to the three credit bureaus. Our lawyers fight credit errors to enable credit repair and correction. We also provide bankruptcy counseling to help debtors overcome debt problems, avoid foreclosure and begin to repair their credit over time.
  • Real property financing — Real property financing ranges from homeowners obtaining mortgage loans to lenders selling the loans as securities to real estate investment trusts.
  • Lien release — Once we are able to negotiate debts for you, Advocate Legal can secure a lien release for your loan, which we record with the county recorder, thereby protecting you from all further creditor harassment. This is an important service since lenders often hold onto these debts, especially second liens and home equity lines of credit, lying in wait until property values recover so that they can accelerate the debt and force you to pay it.

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